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Unchecked fraud costs our crop insurance program money.  This pales in comparison to the political hit it takes in Washington and the public perception damage it does nationwide.  If you know of anyone falsifying reports, hiding production, shifting units, or making illegal deals to obtain insurance, please report it anonymously to the OIG: 1-800-424-9121
If you're worried about hurting someone's feelings, remember that they're the ones breaking the law and ruining the system for you and everyone else.
What Happens When Fraud is Ignored?

Commodity Price 2019

Corn = $4.01 Feb $Oct
Soybean = $9.58 Feb $Oct
Wheat = $5.85 Feb $Aug
Durum (SD) = $6.07 Feb $ Aug
Sunflower oil = $0.168 Feb $ Oct
Sunflower conf = $0.226 Feb $ Oct
Sugar Beets (lbs sugar) = $0.146 YP

Spring Price Tracking is under way
Feb 1 - 28
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All statements may not officially represent the beliefs of Haugen Insurance Agency, inc, it's individual employees, or any of our affiliates.  All information is provided with the intent of educating a producer about general insurance practices and topics.  For any official documentation, reports, quotes, or policy declarations, refer to an agent, the RMA, or our cited sources.

Organic Price 2019

Corn = $9.24 Feb  $ Oct
Soybean = $19.13 Feb  $ Oct
Wheat = $13.13 Feb  $ Aug
Durum (SD) = $13.62 Feb  $ Aug
Sunflower oil = $0.301 Feb $ Oct
Sunflower conf = same as conventional
Sugar Beets (lbs sugar) = $0.292 YP (w/Contract)

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Price Estimates based on current tracking through February 12, 2019